Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I Miss You More......

Some nights I miss you when you’re not here with me
And somebody else sits where you should be
No newspapers scattered all around your chair
I don’t need to tidy your hats and footwear
I miss the way I hear you slam the door
But on a night when it rains I miss you more

I miss the chat over a hot cup of coffee
Or simply listening to the rain on the street
I hear the water spray as the traffic goes by
There’s nothing to say when there’s no you and I
I know that I have missed you before
But on a night like tonight I miss you more

If you were here there would be a good chance
That the rain was the music to which we would dance
There’s something ‘bout rain that stirs my heart
But I like it better when we’re not apart
And I miss the way you close the door
‘Cause on a night like tonight I miss you more

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

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