Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Time Well Tasted

I’d like to say when daylight fades
And all its moments hasted
That it, like sweetness on the tongue
Was Time well tasted

I’d like to think as dusk beams pink
Where dark will soon erase it
That I with mouth, thought, hands and eyes
Held Time well tasted

I’d like to savor mercy’s favor
…not greed-emaciated
But vow to feed my daily need
With Time well tasted

I’d like to share what I can spare
And not unduly borrow
Lest dull, I wipe my bulging jowls
On my neighbor's sorrow

I’d like to smile at my last mile
To know life was not wasted
But it will be a legacy
Of Time well tasted

© Janet Martin

Off to do some tasting…
h-m-m-m, I think I taste laundry soap!

Wishing for all of us a fully tasted day!


  1. May we all be rotund on such a diet!
    I have to say, I was a little distracted by the seemingly vast mown lawn in your photo background. I'm sure the mowing time is well spiced with thoughts of twilight games of tag and other family frolics.

    1. I'm chuckling at this for a few reasons. 1. We all sort of fight to mow lawn because for the first time in our lives this year we have a mower without 'health-agility' issues...yes, it rides!;-) and we don't feel like we're constantly being thrown from forward to reverse! I love the thinking time!
      2.I just commented the other night how we always dream about summer- twilight-on-the- lawn-and-deck-evenings, forgetting about those high-pitched, blood-thirsty scalawag mosquito-monsters that often end up chasing us indoors! (they seems esp. bad this year!)likely because its so wet!

    2. 3. also the imagery of 'rotund' happiness:)


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