Thursday, July 2, 2015

Sometimes Life is Like a Bike Ride...a few Thursday Thoughts

....sometimes life is like a bike ride. Not this one though.(first pictured here) It's got one wheel tied on with an old shoe-lace. I wish it could tell me where its been but it will live out its remaining days quietly, like a good old horse, in my flower-garden. I 'washed' it with red paint to freshen it up...

Because I'm not babysitting this week and Victoria has friends staying over for the week it seemed like a free ticket to a morning of biking...

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We press ahead,
Thinking we are
Exactly where
We think we are
Until we look back
At how far
We’ve come

Sometimes the wind bullies so hard
That downhill feels like up
We get so tired, but cannot afford
To pause where loafers sup
So we eke on and up until
The wind that beat our brow
Becomes a welcome push we feel
Somewhere behind us now

Sometimes we coast,
Sometimes we strain
Because life is both
Pleasure and pain

Stay the straight path,
And fight the good fight
But don’t miss the wonder
Of God-breathed delight
Lest  we grow weary
Too early because
We took no Sabbath
In nature’s hurrahs

Janet Martin

Here's wishing for you a sabbatical in nature's cathedral!


  1. Love what you did with that old bike! It looks very handsome and happy.

    1. Thank-you! I was inspired by an ornamental version in in a variety of colors and am happy with the way it turned out! Even Hubby,who shook his head and then some at my picking up 'JUNK' admits its not too bad;-)

    2. Hubbies generally don't think the way we do :-) Have you seen the new Pixar movie "Inside Out" yet? I've seen the trailer, and even my Hubby admits that the reason it's so funny is because it's all true (the opening scene with mother, father and daughter having dinner :-).

    3. we generally wait til they're out on DVD so definitely going to keep this one in's so hard, but so much fun to find a movie everyone enjoys! and most of those are the animated kind because they are SO clever!


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