Monday, July 6, 2015

Of Then-shaped Memories...

(they were here;-)

I try to picture him (my Uncle Abner) as my eyes travel over each face at the kitchen table; the real- life laughter and chatter, the eager appetites, life's laughing-love moments that once were his as well. But now he sits at his table alone save for *his wife’s picture inducing precious memories…and tears.
I draw Now’s precious moments in then pour them out in prayer for him.

We draw life’s little moments in
A humble quaff of grace
Of tender tear and gladsome grin
As now-then interlace

We live-laugh-learn; the brink of When
Trembles beneath our touch
As moments slip from Now to Then
In pictures framed with love

Small endings and beginnings flow
In seamless intercourse
Life’s high and low and hold-let-go
Caught in its subtle force

And looking back upon birth-deaths  
That flowed from When to Now
To Then can steal our very breath
And startle us somehow

It keens the awe of all we hold
Now; living’s lavish lease
Of moments poured into a mold
Of Then-shaped memories

© Janet Martin

*little did they know that the photos taken the day before she passed away would become so precious so soon! So let's take or make 'pictures';
 Lots of them!

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