Saturday, July 18, 2015

I'd Like...

I’d like…

To see the sun climb, dip, then slip
Into a pink and silver sea
To watch the brunt of hours drip
Without appointment, languidly
Between the pages of a book
Where summer’s while is fancy-free
Slow-poured like sweet tea in a nook
Of laughter, love and family

I’d like…

To disengage the clock that tocks
And tells me what I ought to do
While flowers flaunt their vibrant locks
Beneath a dome of blue on blue
…and then another day is done
And I say where and when and how
…and scold that age-old wagging tongue
That orders more than days allow

I’d like…

To wash my toes with sand and sun
Let common landmarks slide away
Like post-cards waving, ‘see you soon
Enjoy your little get-away’
Then I would like to turn and blow
A kiss of kin-ship to it all
Replying, I can hear the sea, so
Farewell while I heed its call
Farewell, while I heed its call

© Janet Martin

Yes, it's five o'clock-diamonds time:)
I will be away for a week or two. See you soon!

Sometimes I pretend the above hills are a smidgeon of Ireland;-)
Everything is so green this year due to large amounts of rain!


  1. I'm sure you have left already...and maybe even sitting on the dock quietly turning pages, listening to the murmur of the sea...awaiting the diamond hour.
    Rest and relax, I wish you a lovely week.

  2. thank-you:) still here in the 'not-so-fun-stage' of packing. They prefer we do not arrive until mid-afternoon. I just spoke to the owner who is up there right now looking after a few things...

  3. "A kiss of kin-ship... " - love that - like the cherry on top a luscious hot fudge sundae.
    Enjoy your holidays!


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