Wednesday, July 8, 2015


Rich enough to be showered with hours
But poor enough to marvel
At flowers

Rich enough to understand my place
But poor enough to
Cherish grace
Rich because I have loved and been loved
But poor as to never love
Quite enough

Rich, because I hold a piece of bread
But poor enough always to
Bow my head

Poor by standards of humanity
But rich with inheritance
Eye cannot see

© Janet Martin

It's true; hubby sometimes sighs and says he wishes I had a dollar for every poem I've ever written but the end of every dollar is disappearance...

I'm glad for every poor poet 
that picked up his quill
to commit to page
what is with us still!!


  1. I still wish to see you published and discovered, Janet. A bit (or a lot) of well deserved recognition wouldn't hurt you :-)

    1. I just told hubby about our little conversation. He said, Janet, the only way your poetry will sell is after you've been dead for 20 years and someone 'discovers' it and puts it in a!!!

    2. lol indeed: laugh the pessimism off the stage! :-)

    3. my hubby has the reputation of being a rather super-pessimist so those laughing-muscles are well developed...wink;-)

  2. :) Sasha, I am deeply touched by your constant encouragement. At our writer's group meeting on Fri. night I mentioned you, how you are always there to encourage me to not give up on the dream of a book! I told them if, for no other reason I would love to thank my writer's group and you in the foreword of a book!

    1. I'd be honored, Janet, thank you for the thought.

      Don't give up on your dream.


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