Friday, July 10, 2015

Colorful, Colorful World

Here's hoping your are rejoicing wherever you are, at the colors in your world!!
Above are a few colors we've enjoyed in the first ten days of July....already?!

Mauve-misty morning
Azure afternoon
Hello gold buttercup
Where is thy spoon?

Pink clover lover’s lanes
White Milky Way
Blue sea-song splashing
Our troubles away

Opaque moon sliver
On dark velvet deep
Sage vine with purple grape
Woolly black sheep  

Orange for carrots
For willow, chartreuse
Green meadow medley
And brown chocolate mousse

Cinnamon autumn
And russet and bronze
White winter countryside
Emerald spring ponds

Warm saffron sunbeam
Gray raincloud above
Red boots for puddles
And roses, my love

Coral at sunset
Transforms turquoise sea
Yellow for lemon
To squeeze in my tea

Ruby for vintage
Of summer-sweet fare
Indigo ribbons
For Sue’s chestnut hair

Over and under
Around us unfurled
Oh, what a colorful
 Colorful world

© Janet Martin


  1. Hurrah for our colourful world! Love both your visual and verbal tributes.
    & thanks for the link - glad to get extra mileage out of that dandy quote. :-)

  2. It is TOO good not to be shared.


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