Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Because It Is What It Is And That's That

I searched for a different answer
One more suited to my cause
But it wouldn’t change a smidgeon
Because the truth never does

Truth cannot be teased to please us
Truth will not alter its stance
It remains unchanged in spite of
Finagling or circumstance

Though we may not always like it
And though we may change its name
Underneath our blither-blather
The truth is, truth stays the same

© Janet Martin

Pl-e-e-e-a-s-e! I pleaded with Google…give me something that doesn’t say, Pick them ASAP!!
But every year in a bevy of fresh voices replies roll in to others asking the same question and the response does not flinch! Potato bugs MUST be picked diligently and ASAP! Yech!

It is too dark to see and just feeling for those squishy critters when you can't see is FREAKY!!! I'll finish in the morning before I pick up Melissa for a day at home:-) yay! 

I thought about taking a picture of the scoundrels but refused to give them the honor! Instead, here is a picture I took earlier while weeding...


  1. Replies
    1. Yes...this humorous conversation drives the point home.

      Doubter; There is no such thing as absolute truth!
      Believer: Are you sure about that?
      Doubter: Absolutely!

  2. How apt..."Underneath our blither blather...truth stays the same". The Rock of Ages is immutable.


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