Monday, January 19, 2015


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(These caught my eye as I was driving by the other day. They seemed to say, take my picture, please:)

You caught my eye just like a field of flowers in July
Etched on a canvas white, with just a wisp of lullaby
Caught on a brusque and blue-lipped breeze; your regal stature, proud
A weathered sentinel guarding winter’s wide-open shroud

Your russet over-coat, modest but stalwart, steals the show
The gale cannot unbutton it; well, blow then north wind, blow
For you will never penetrate this cloak woven by God
Until spring-peepers tickle tummies where wild lilies nod

Summer may boast a host of blooms; far gaudier their plumes
Simplicity stuns canvases of winter’s thread-bare rooms
Unbending champions where the ditch and dell and hollow spill
With winter reeds, as darling as spring’s sassy daffodil

© Janet Martin


  1. When I see all the weeds, plants, cattails etc. in the ditches all summer and fall and into the winter I often notice how some hang on through the winds and snows and rains then come spring they are taken over by new green growth again and I wonder when they actually succumb to the weather. I never seem to notice that. Is that teasel in the second photo? It's one I don't see around here. Pam

    1. same here! You are a kindred spirit;)
      I was watching a ditch full of reeds (bulrushes) last spring to see what they look like 'in bloom' but they just sort of renewed themselves. Yes, the bottom photo is teasel. There is lots of that 'in bloom' around here all winter long!
      Thank-you for your visit and thoughts. Isn't is nice to be able to enjoy four distinct seasons?


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