Thursday, January 8, 2015

When Mommies Die...


Prayer is a universal hug! Hug Kara and Her family as they do life's hardest Hard!

When mommies die
It rends earth’s sky
With why and hurt
And sorrow’s tear
For oh, we know
No other who
Can take the place
Of mommy-dear

Life’s first love
After God, is she
Who cradles children
In her arms
And there her babies
Oft will flee
To still the tears
Of fear’s alarm

When mommies die
The world cries ‘why?’
Still, our words
Cannot explain
The heart of God
But this we know
His grace is greater
Than our pain

There are no answers
Only this;
That God is good
And He will keep
Close to his heart
With nail-scarred hands
The tally of
Those tears we weep

© Janet Martin

Also thinking of the family in our community(friends of one of my brother's and one of my sister's families) who said good-bye to 'mommy' just before Christmas...


  1. So sorry for the loss these families are experiencing. What a beautiful poem, Janet.

  2. We reach in sorrow together... you carry the grief of losing a brother recently! Last week a 'mommy' that I used to know when she was a girl passed away due to cancer as well. It is everywhere...sickness and sorrow...and Jesus.

  3. Oh Janet ... painful, yet beautiful. My heart goes out to these families, and all others finding themselves in heart breaking situations.

  4. Hi Marie, it is so hard and the more I think about it the more' mommies' I remember who are no longer here and who were called away right in the lheart of motheringl, we thought. God will never leave these families or forsake them and in this there is hope!

  5. Beautiful, heart-rendering and revealing. Thanks, Janet.

  6. And I didn't realize how close that would hit home until last Wednesday. x

  7. Glynis. I'm thinking of you and Rosemary nonstop! and Sue's family too(()) Again, a reminder that we just never know who is next or why...


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