Friday, January 16, 2015

Thus We Go

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 Lots of questions being asked as Target announces yesterday they are pulling out of Canada!!

Success could sail through life on mere Ego
Save for its stumbles and strife, thus we go
Trouble-by-struggle across stubble-sod
We persevere, by the grace of God

We could be bloated with lies sugar-coated
High on a horse of worth, self-promoted
Save for those fumbles in pitfalls hard-shod
Whereby we all need the grace of God

We could forget with our head in the clouds
That God favors the humble and resists the proud
Therefore who we are, what we do or know
Proves,  by the grace of God we go

Here, by each triumph, failure or success
There, by each leap of sorrow- happiness
We learn that Self alone is a fraud
And all that we have but a grace-gift from God

© Janet Martin

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