Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Show of Heart

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I want to be so taken with you
That I cannot look away
When day’s full-color is smothered in blue
Before it becomes yesterday
I want to know I have held soft and slow
The hard heart –hunger of long letting go
I want to trace from your head to your toe
Every last whisper of you

I want to wonder at everyday things
Until I can hardly breathe
Tug at each moment, unfasten its strings
I want to stagger beneath
This fabric so sheer that it slithers and slips
Like a satin river through my fingertips
I want to savor its mist on my lips
And drink from its gossamer springs

I want to be, not footloose, fancy-free
But wholly and holy awed
By love’s laugh-lines; dredge the rush of a sea
Spangled with kisses from God
I want to hunt for the treasure of clocks
Spilling life’s measure in teeny tick-tocks
Pry out the pearls in sun-swirls, rumpled socks
Surf on an ocean of sod

I want to wake with a thirst for Today
To learn what I ought to know
Study time’s glimmer of gold laced with gray
I want to be a collector of art
Caught in a shimmer of tear, tug-of-heart
Lest God forbid, I ignore life’s best part
And completely miss the show

© Janet Martin

 Life is a show of art, earth its gallery, God, its heart! Don't miss it.


  1. This is stunning, Janet.
    Gorgeous words and photographs.
    Thank you.

  2. Beautiful poem and photos Janet. Have a blessed day!

  3. Reviewing plans today for mid-February, your poem solidified my time warp and launched the thought, 'how perfect for Valentine's Day!' - which it WILL be in a month, not tomorrow!
    Love love love your beautiful words and photos noticing and celebrating everyday things.
    (And thank you for the text link!)

    1. Cyndy, I was stalled on the last stanza then I read your post and it made me happy, happy, happy so thank YOU for the inspiration:)

      Can't wait to see what a month from tomorrow will bring!


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