Sunday, January 4, 2015

* A River Runs Through It...


* inspired by the movie..

Standing alone in the deep end of day
Soft on the gloaming time’s footfalls replay
Still-flowing river of morning to night
Silent, it thunders in day’s dying light

Parade of faces and voices, they fade
Caught in this strange, silver-swift promenade
Like a wave rolling and dashing to shore
I reach to grasp it and it is no more

…no more a child, chatter-wild and carefree
No more returning to what used to be
Only the sense of farewell, brooding gray
Touching with nothing but thought, dying day

Time is a season-song filling the trees
Stripping its flight with naught but memories
Soundless, they vex me with echoing lay
Standing alone in the half-light of day

© Janet Martin

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