Monday, January 26, 2015

Of Oceans Un-stoppered...

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Dawn pulls back shutters and shakes out the sky
Stars tumble earthward in spent lullaby
To waking welkin Her welcome unfolds
Un-stoppered oceans of purple and gold

Earth’s greener pastures are white-dazzled streams
Winter, a waiting-room to summer-dreams
The dell where blue-bell and wild lupine sleeps
Tucked ‘neath a blanket of kisses knee-deep

Dawn lays down leniency; mercy’s free-fall
Snuggles our stumbles in heaven-spun shawl
Forgiving fumbles, Time’s hope-frigates flow
Teasing our tongues like fresh sparkles of snow

Soon our touch will spill bold on a floor
Still pure, unsullied where grace-rivers pour
Over our trip-and-fall, beck-and-call way
That with the morning became yesterday

© Janet Martin

I cannot remember where I was going with this one, early this morning. Now after a few beck-and-call interruptions I am posting it at lunch. It is SO different trying to write a morning poem after you feel like you’ve filled that field of fresh fallen snow with dizzy circles.

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