Monday, January 19, 2015

Of Half and Harder Happiness-es

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Love cries tears, hard; a begging bard
Where ink and hunger presses
Her half-confessions to a page
That keen conscience undresses

Half-truths and pride may try to hide
And feign half-happiness-es
The pen’s full weakness uses words
To pretend love’s successes

The tongue is ruthless and uncouth
There love trips and transgresses
It mangles, tangles, strangles joy
And would-be happiness-es

I wish the air could be wiped bare
Where poor word-choice expresses
The weakness of this thing called love
That hurts and haunts heart-tresses

There is no brush quite large enough
To vanquish uttered yeses
…because we care, tears rend the air
With harder happiness-es

© Janet Martin

Some happiness-es are plainly and simply... harder; but they still count! 

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