Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Hemlock and pine strum the strings of adieu
Darkness embraces dusk’s vulnerable blue
Here a wee quiver and there a wee sigh
Day is a shimmering tear in time’s eye

Lullaby softens noon’s sun-polished lilt
Muffling its laughter with  star-studded quilt
Where on still-silvery sedges thought hears
Satin-soft slippers as time disappears

Midnight, the mien of beginning and end
Touches time’s timbrel like stranger and friend
Tomorrow becomes what yesterday was
Present succumbs to Past’s deepening pause

Leviathans of mankind’s love and lust
Crumble to eons of ashes and dust
As, ever hastening days become years
Breath-by-breath chastening; time disappears

Hail to the piper of viperous flute
Grasp at the strain of refrains growing mute
Dance to the violin’s quivering lay
On ether oceans drip-dripping away

Beg not for plunder of miserly dirt
But beg for wonder because moments flirt
Momentarily; silk, sixteenth-note spheres
Flowing through fingers where time disappears

© Janet Martin

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