Monday, January 12, 2015

Mercy's Memento

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...Then morning, like a beaming bride
Dawns giddy with hope undeterred
Want’s weighted ways, ah, set aside
For who can hide from heaven stirred
With virgin opportunity?
Bygone clenches its keeping glove
From darling doors we cannot see
God pours to shores of longing, Love

Resistance and persuasion vies
Where faith and fear flounder and fight
Silence thunders with bleeding sighs
on battlegrounds hidden from sight
Stilling, gushing from a fount sky-high
To our hungering embrace
God tilts the lilting thing called Time
And fills our spills and ills with grace

There is no doorway to the Past
To bind us to its suffering
From prisons braved and ever-cast
Emerges a most wondrous Thing
Untouched, unmarred, in spite of us
Morning is not a cruel facade
But Mercy’s memento because
Hope, love and grace abound, from God

© Janet Martin

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