Friday, January 23, 2015

Lost Slippers and Soft Sea-song

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 Yester-morn earth wore glass slippers...

Branches splashed on moon-washed stillness
Where soft sea-song swept the night
Settles back onto dawn's canvas
Stark outlines of black on white

That room-house of stars has faded
Its slow pleasure put aside
Where Duty’s gray gong invaded
Drifters on its dreamer’s tide

Yester-morn earth wore glass slippers
We tiptoed toward Her door
Quite unsure of our manners
On a sudden castle-floor

But the sun, in giddy gladness
Clamored in glamorous gold
Kissing Her with such intenseness
Our hesitance grew bold

So we thundered to the skyline
Joining droves of noisy ranks
She led us to moon-washed sea-song
Where lost slippers strew Her banks

© Janet Martin

Last night I picked Victoria up at midnight after a ski-trip with her class. The sky wore a wild array of tree-branches looking for those glass slippers they lost somewhere on time's busy day...


  1. Well, of course I would enjoy the imagery in this one: I have an unremitting penchant for medieval fantasy. My favorite image is the tiptoeing across the castle floor.

    1. :) thank-you. Yesterday morning the earth was an ice-castle. stunning.


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