Monday, January 26, 2015

Für 'The Loves of My Life'

I want to greet you with pleasure each morning
Until night kisses the long-shadow lea
I want to touch you with love, oh my darling
Who knows when you will be taken from me?

Time is a treasure worth spending; love’s tears
Water a garden where memories grow
I want to touch you soft, slow, oh my dears
For when a bloom falls away, who can know?

I want to wander with you more often
Season-songs hasten like Beethoven’s best
Over the arc of noon, soon skies soften
Tugging another flower to its rest

Come, let love’s cup of laughter run over
Come, for tomorrow holds no guarantee
All that we have is Today, each other
Let’s make it a beautiful memory

© Janet Martin

For my friends, Glynis and Rosemary who lost a dear sister suddenly last week,
and for the rest of us and those we hold dear.


  1. What a treasure this poem is, Janet.
    Thank you.

  2. thank-you Sasha. Sorrow can come so suddenly! I pray that my greatest sorrow will never be what I didn't do when I could have!

  3. Bless you and thank you, Janet. My heart is heavy. But my step is a little lighter because of the comfort you send with your beautiful words.

    1. shaping words into hugs and prayer for you right now!! see you soon.


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