Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Don't Forget to Pray, Son

Because Matt got his driver’s license the other week there has been increased intensity on my prayer-Richter-scale…;)

I like to send my family off  in the morning with a prayer together, but sometimes the bus is suddenly here and I chase them out with a ‘don’t forget to pray!!’ good-bye. This bus-driver has no idea that the back of the bus is plastered with prayers...

Dream up to the moon, son
Youth is such a gift
Dare to live-laugh-love, son
Where time-moments sift
Through God’s grace to you, son
In a brand new day
But, don’t forget to pray, son,
Don’t forget to pray

Life is not our own, son
Nor the way we trod
When this life is done, son
We answer to God
So if you are wise, son
As time ticks away
Don’t forget to pray, son
Don’t forget to pray

Lean not on yourself, son
Self is often wrong
If you lean on God, son
Then you will be strong
So before you set out
Upon your Today
Don’t forget to pray, son
Don’t forget to pray

© Mom AKA  Janet

 Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding;  in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight. Prov.3:5-6


  1. Hi Janet,
    I cannot believe it's just a couple more years for my "little" daughter.. She's looks forward to driving and I think she'll be a good driver, she's very responsible. But still.. Lots of prayers and a positive attitude - not much else we can do :-)

    Your poem would have made a great song for Johny Cash, I kept hearing his voice as I was reading. Are you considering making some of your poems into songs? I remember you had an idea for a musical, too.

    1. Victoria is the opposite! she turns 16 in two years and is terrified at the idea of driving, but I told her she still has 2 years to drive the lawn-mower tractor to get the feel of steering stc. She is adventurous and i know she will be ready when the time comes. Matt is a careful driver because when you have an accident insurance sky-rockets!! yes, prayer is about all we can do, then leave it with the One we pray to:)
      I literally laughed out loud when you mentioned Johnny Cash because it was the rhythm of Don't Take Your Guns to Town that was stuck in my head as I wrote!
      ! would love to set some poems to music but I would need a lot of help...I've never forgotten about a musical either.

      Thank-you for your constant encouragement. It helps to keep me on my toes!

  2. I heard Johny Cash loud and clear singing,
    "Don't forget to pray, son
    Don't forget to pray."
    I didn't think about "Don't take your guns to town," but now you've mentioned it, I know what you mean about the rhythm. It is funny :-)

    I don't drive. I'm terrified of it. And I've become a terrified front seat passenger, too.. The thing with me is that I grew up in a big city, never owned a car, never needed to drive. Got my license when I turned forty. That's late. I think the ideal age is around twenty, but everyone's different of course. Some kids are ready sooner. Sounds like Matt is certainly ready. I'm sure Victoria will be fine, too. Two years is a long time.

    1. I am a timid driver in big cities and would rather not drive on those eight-lane highways! I'm afraid my timidity/fear rubbed off on my older two daughters but I think its because most of our driving is small town and country roads. I sure don't blame you for not liking it. Yes, Matt seems ready maybe because his nature is cool and collected... and his dad, a professional driver did most of his training. Young drivers in Canada are also required to take a professional driver training course if they want a break on car insurance.
      Melissa thinks Toronto is great because she can use public transit for everything.

      Thank-you as well for the suggestions regarding the Poetry Guild. Isn't it exciting?:)

  3. You are welcome and thank you, Janet :-)

  4. I heard the "Don't Take Your Guns To Town" melody to this when I read it! One of mine will be getting his permit this year. He is very conscientious and I think he will be a great driver, but I will definitely still be praying!

  5. Here's to Johnny Cash fans all over the world! If only he was here to sing this;( Prayer is always better than guns. I wish the whole world believed that!!

    Your son sounds like he's ready and yes, we pray but oh, it is SO nice when they can drive themselves to work, sports, etc...

  6. Oh I remember those days. Our children are in their 30's now and teenage years seem so very long ago. What a beautiful poem/prayer for your son. We need to pray over our children no matter how old they are. Blessings to you and your son.

    1. Pamela, thank-you so much. For all the things they out-grow, never our prayers:)


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