Wednesday, January 28, 2015

A Chocolate Cake 'I Love You'

Yesterday when Victoria came home from school she said she wishes we had fresh chocolate cupcakes! She had some yummy ones at Aunt Lucy's house on Sunday and oh, how she wishes we had some, so I made a batch to surprise her today. She was delighted! You know how we all have those quick, off-the-top-of-our-heads recipes? this is one of mine...simply called Our Favorite Chocolate Cake. It's a one-bowl, mix in order given recipe simple enough for a child to make!

I think I dumped coffee on it:) The other recipes on this page aren't too bad either!
Hungry yet?one tip; remember to turn the mixer on low to add the coffee or your clean white T-shirt won't be clean any longer...ugh!!!=:-((

I let Victoria eat her cake in peace then told her we're going skiing!!

So as, not to complicate matters
When words need a break
We’ll cut out the chatter
And fill it with cake

They say a change
Is as good as a rest
Sometimes chocolate cake
Says ‘love you’ the best

© Janet Martin


  1. Sounds like a good recipe. I'll have to try it!


  2. esp. quick to mix in the morning while the coffee is on! and works as a round layer cake or 9x13 or cupcakes!

  3. thanks for the's burnt chocolate cake here right now!! Jass didn't realise how much they rise...experience is the best teacher.

  4. uh-oh...unfortunately most of what we learn is through mistakes;(

  5. What a hoot..."cut out the chatter and fill it with cake". I'm all for that one!

    1. ;-0 thanks. sometimes the only way to keep noise from coming out is to push cake in...its a great age!


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