Friday, July 8, 2011


How long, it seems, we wait to say
The things we should speak every day
How oft a thought a thought remains
When spoken it would loosen chains
And it would put a little smile
Across a dark and weary mile
Or else perhaps that little sigh
Or the tear that dims the eye
Would never on the hour spill
Because we didn’t wait until
The thought had passed, unspoken; dead
Remaining words we never said



  1. I smile, thinking of all the times I wish I had said what was on my mind. But I also remember the tragedies of thoughts exposed, I should have kept to myself.
    Enjoyed your words.

  2. Thank-you, Anthony,
    You make me want to write another poem about 'the other tragedy' when I should have kept my mouth SHUT!!!:)

    Thank-you, again

  3. How many times have I been at a funeral and wondered if what I said to the one now gone, was it right, kind, and straight forward enough? I see so many standing around passing the time, waiting uneasally for the moment to pass that allows them to leave and forget.

    My moments with the dying are in God's hands. I asked him for the words and now I must believe it was enough.

    Thank you for bearing your soul to us Janet!

  4. If we truly entrust Him with every word,
    Then how can we fail?
    It's when we forget to trust in the Lord
    That our speech is loathe and vile
    In all our words He will direct
    The tongue is a small mighty tool
    Fewer are the words from a wiser man
    But ceaseless the flow of a fool...:)

    May God forever grace you with words from Him as you need them.

  5. Thank you Janet for your kind words. Have a great week ahead with your family. August Thurmer


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