Wednesday, July 13, 2011


There is so much of you I wish you’d show me
But you prefer to do things your own way
And oh, I wish that you would choose to tell me
The words that I cannot force you to say

I remember when you had no secrets from me
And I could almost know just what you’d say
But time is taking you a little farther
Down a road that’s paved with yesterdays

And I won’t hold you back, dear daughter
I remember walking down the self-same road
And never thinking that perhaps a mother
Stood somewhere with tears and watched me go



  1. Once again I understand!!!Why is it so hard??

  2. I know that one day this will happen to my daughter. And so, I am enjoying today and tomorrow, until she finds another to share her heart with. August Thurmer

    Very moving and thought provoking Janet.


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