Tuesday, July 19, 2011

About a Mother

She harbors the ache, the joy, the pride
That only a mother can know
She weeps her tears, mostly on the inside
As she watches her children grow

Briefly she holds them before they are born
Briefly she rocks them to sleep
Briefly, so briefly each little one
Is rendered to her keep

Oh, what a tender garden
Is the heart of a little child
Knowing and unknowingly she plants countless seeds
Within its eager soil

She wonders if there is any way
To show the depth of her care
As she stops to put their things away
Or touch their sun-kissed hair

She loves them like no other
Yet, there is no trial run
When it comes to being a mother
And to learn how it should be done

Life is a very wise teacher
As mother and children learn
And God is a patient Father
Offering His love in return

She harbors the crux of longing and love
Deep within her breast
As she thanks her Father up above
For giving her life’s best


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