Saturday, July 9, 2011


Words, words, only words he said
But at his words I shook my head
For they are never only words
These are the syllables of healing and hurt
Word is the scalpel which slices the soul
And words are the ointment that makes us whole
Words are fire and words are ice
Words inspire and make us think twice
Words draw us in or shut us out
Words reassure, they whisper, they shout
Words embrace; they touch, they kiss
Is there a more potent tool than this?
Music is lovely it stirs the heart
But words to music are a powerful art
Words build and restore what other words crush
Words are the paint on a poet’s brush
Words, only words, perhaps that is true
But tell me, what is it that drew me to you?


Since we 're on the topic of words...this is a re-run
from a year ago.

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