Saturday, July 16, 2011

Lovely Blue

There’s nothing quite as lovely as the midnight coming down
In a flow of silver moon-light and the sigh of trees, wind-blown
The hush of broadened shadows blows life’s sorrows far away
And I am all alone with you; six hours before day

There’s nothing quite as silent as the night at one a.m.
The breeze has died; the moon has paled in heaven’s diadem
I can feel the warmth of you, the roughness of your cheek
When I am all alone with you we do not need to speak

There’s nothing quite as beautiful as the rare shade of blue
Encompassing a muted earth of dark and dust and dew
Five hours until daylight; what is a girl to do?
Five hours until morning and a lifetime without you…


I finished this one first saying
*‘five hours until morning and a lifetime loving you…’
But it really needed the ‘ouch’ factor…
Those who prefer no ‘ouch’ may use *

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