Saturday, July 16, 2011

Mentally Prepared

Why do you come to me only to leave?
You flash your blue eyes; I fall at your feet
You offer your hand and I say lead me on
Why do you come to me just to be gone?

Why do you tease me with breath soft and warm?
Why do you whisper as I lean on your arm?
You know I am weak and I cannot resist
The bronze on your cheek as I yield to your kiss

Why do you torment me for one afternoon?
Why do you wait so long then leave far too soon?
In spite of my efforts I cannot dissuade
The course of your travels and the plans you have made

Why do I fall in love with you every year?
Why, as you’re turning, must I shed a tear?
Almost you make me forget why I grieve…
…Summer, you come to me only to leave



  1. Janet, I love this! You give life to this season that we have for such a short time. I guess it is in the realization that when something is given to us for a finite season, we do not take it for granted. That is good! August Thurmer

  2. Exactly! Thank-you, August.


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