Monday, July 11, 2011


Far away the muted curtain
Of the twilight steals the day
Seems that I can hear an ocean
On a seashore…far away

Far away the day is dawning
On the brink of softened sky
All that I can hear is longing
In the roving breezes sigh

Far away a dim-lit spangle
Frames the low-light of the moon
Thought, resolve, desire tangles
In a sultry midnight tune

The night is silent as a hallway
Leading to a darkened room
I can hear the shadows falling
Where the fragrant linden bloom

Far away a strong hand reaches
To firmly lock and bolt the door
Far away the whitewashed beaches
Cradle turquoise oceans roar

But the whisper and the aching
And the memory of your sigh
Linger just beyond my taking
In a room untouched…nearby


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