Saturday, July 16, 2011

Thief of Hearts

I cannot draw you closer
Through the longing in my sighs
I cannot see you better
Though the tears have washed my eyes
I reach with aching fingertips
But cannot touch your cheek
Or feel the whisper of your lips
Against me as you speak

Missing you must be, I fear
The very heart of me
In everything you gave, my dear
You took much more, you see
As you gave me your smiles and sighs
My heart became undone
You stole,I did not realize
The pieces one by one

You stole, as I gave willingly
Each piece for you to break
Until the very heart of me
Had nothing left to take
I want me back so I can feel
Life's bitter-sweetest pain
And darling, I would let you steal
Me, piece by piece again...


Don't worry L~.
You wondered if I am enjoying
this full moon night...???

Very much!
So much in fact, that I simply HAD to write...
...anything disgustingly sad!
I am okay, really:)

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