Monday, July 4, 2011


Sometimes when I think about
The road that lies ahead
I look at you, my little one
And I am filled with dread
But just when I’m about to weep
And crumble in despair
I remember who will keep
You in his loving care

There is nothing I can do
To shield you from life’s rain
We all have valleys to walk through
A little joy and pain
I wish that I could tell you
There is nothing you need fear
But all that I can say for sure
Is ‘God is always near’

The highs and lows that shape our lives
Are molded by His love
In all the choices living gives
Not one will let us move
Beyond His pure compassion
His mercy or His grace
And everyone who trusts in Him
May lean on His embrace



  1. That is really touching ,Janet.
    Hope your week is good.

  2. Thank-you L~. I know you feel this poem as much as I do. Aren't you glad we have Someone to lean on?


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