Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Tread Softly on this Summer Day

Tread softly on this summer day
Yet boldly seize the hour
Before it slips its while away
Beneath the bended flower

The breezes fuse the morning light
Birds join with ardent trilling
Whilst shadows creep into the night
And dawn its dream is spilling

The melody of want and will
Within my heartbeat wakens
The tangent shrines of living fill
The moments still un-taken

The Hand that draws this summer morn
And stirs the slumbering dust
Knows the hour we are born
And in what gods we trust

Within my empty out-stretched palm
I sense the tug of duty
Though it may seem a cheerless crown
I see its humble beauty

Tread softly on this summer day
For soon its verdant hour
Will weep its minions in decay
Beneath Time’s bended flower


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