Friday, July 1, 2011


If we could pull aside the veil
That bars us from the vast unknown
If we could stand and gaze a while
At everything that is not shown
If Time revealed its highs and lows
And when or where Death’s shadows lay
We would trample every rose
And beg for Death to come today

Though Joy its tender bliss would share
And spread her carpet on the ground
We would see the hour where
Her Beauty is nowhere around
And we would miss her tender force
Quickly forget the smile she shared
As we look to the darkened horse
Where Death sits with its talons bared

The sun could shine with gentle eye
And sweep the garden with delight
Yet all that we would see is sky
Reaching for the dark of night
And if we saw beyond the veil
Where Judgment casts its final sword
We would tremble, weep and wail
And surely call upon the Lord


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