Friday, July 1, 2011

Modern Ethics

Dog tags, divorce
It don’t matter
Just sign on the dotted line
We can even
Kill your baby
Tomorrow you will feel just fine
We are here
Aiming to please you
Raise a world of softened fools
There’s no A’s and B’s
To grade you
No hurt feelings at our schools
Eat and drink
Come on, be merry
Soothe your cravings and your lust
Life’s a sundae
With two cherries
We will weaken you with trust
Never test the
Lies we’re telling
Open mouth and swallow once
Never check the
Goods we’re selling
Here today, tomorrow gone
It’s a sure and sad
Raising children with no Guide
Right and wrong
Taught without reason
No moral compass to preside
Feed your dog
And starve the orphans
Never give an absolute
God or no god
What’s the difference?
There is nothing bad or good
Dog tags, divorce
It don’t matter
Just sign on the dotted line
No, we ain't
Here to judge you
Tomorrow you will feel just fine…fine…fine



  1. Okay you have me thinking, and I know where this will go. Education should be enough, and understanding of history and the need for a body of rules to live by and I suppose aspire to. I’ve always had trouble though, even going back to when I was a kid with too many givens, the: because this or that is written, and just follow the rules some old men wrote out for us, a long time ago. I still end up asking, and do so now with your words: “Who is the Judge”.
    And I found the answer, as I went through the exercise of writing out this mess…. I appreciate your words here, now, even more…

  2. Anthony,so , Who is the Judge?...
    and, Can education or understanding or a body of rules to live by and aspire to be enough, in and of themselves, based on rules written out by 'some old men'? It has to be something Higher than that or it is still base human understanding. Thank-you for your comment.
    Feel free to e-mail me. I tried to e-mail you but it isn't working for me.


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