Friday, July 8, 2011

Encounter by the Sea

I came upon her standing there
To ask her grief I did not dare
For she seemed to be gazing where
Only thoughts can wander
The sun in gold and pink and red
On the far-west horizon bled
And in her eyes gleamed tears unshed
As she stared over yonder

Ah, let her mind the keeper be
Of love and sorrow’s agony
That Gate afar will set her free
From temporal heartaches binding
Ah, let the waters ebb and flow
And soothe the thought that none may know
Grief and longing cannot go
Across death’s stream a-winding

The evening fell beneath the sea
I hear the knell of memory
Where none can tell its lot but me
And I care not for talking
I came upon her standing there
Silence can be so sweet to share
A shadow cannot speak a prayer
But I can join her walking…



  1. Janet, your poetry is very moving. Thank you for sharing it with us. God bless you! August Thurmer

  2. August, thank-you very much and God bless you!


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