Thursday, July 21, 2011

All is Well

He wraps me in translucent arms
When life is cruel and crass
And vices of a thousand charms
Have shed their tears of brass

The emerald of a summer hill
The sweep of azure sky
The moon at night when all is still
His tender lullaby

I touch with pure abandon
The blooms along the lane
A perfect hapless garden
Of wild-flowers in the rain

And should the far horizon
Grow dim beneath life’s hurt
I’ll walk earth’s summer garden
And bathe within its dirt

The blur of life's unkinder truths
Fade just a little then
We all must tread upon this earth
The numbered days of men

He wraps me in the tender charms
Of summer’s verdant dell
And cradles me within His arms…
He whispers, all is well


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