Tuesday, July 5, 2011

July Quiet

The sliver of a moon dangles from the sky
The quiver of dusk deepens in its eye
The soft caress of a sultry breeze
Teases the dress of the willow trees

The edge of the world falls into the palm
Of darkness unfurled in a moody calm
Gallant the dreams of noon-day’s lust
Sleeping in streams of dew and dust

Weary the wind lying mellow and still
But never the mind; roaming at free will
It is not released from its deepest muse
Quietly thought claims its just dues

The night can never be truly dark
It cannot relinquish its final spark
Flickers of wondering in charcoal and blue
Whispers of loving and longing and you

A silent tempest sweeps the low mist
Desire and day-dreams glow, half-kissed
The sliver of a moon dangles from the sky
It is a quiet night in July…


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