Monday, July 11, 2011


Our song is too heavy
For me to listen to
It loses its magic
Somehow, without you
Poetry is beautiful
But its lure turns deep blue
Penned in deliberation
Somehow, without you…

Summer is passion
Captured in July
Azure heavens
Lost in downcast eyes
Winds sweep unbridled
Into the blue
But it stirs no impulses
Somehow, without you

Flowers bloom rampant
A feast to the eye
There is no garden
Quite like July
But it seems to me
It has lost its bright hue
Gardens are more somber
Somehow, without you

Moments are heart-beats
Of longing and love
Moments are music
To which we all move
But the song is too heavy
To listen to
I cannot dance, babe
Somehow, without you…


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