Monday, July 11, 2011

Lost Inhibitions

My eyes do a quick assessment
Absorbing the common curves of this room
I’ll pick up a pen for a moment
To remove the mundane-ness from a mop and a broom

Dishwater madness flings sudden inspiration
Not remotely related to dishes or chores
But letters and syllables in particular arrangements
Carrying me far from life’s wearying shores

Brush away the longing from out of the skies
Breathe tiny sorrows into the far mists
Kiss the teardrop that gleams in love’s eyes
And leave vague tomorrows where nothing exists

The painter may choose varied shades for his vision
Molding and shaping masterpieces of art
I need nothing more than lost inhibition
As life walks effortlessly over my heart

My eyes do a quick assessment
There is nothing common then
It’s astounding where one can travel
With the alphabet, paper and pen…



  1. yes indeed! beautiful poem as usual Janet!

    hope you are well!

  2. Thank-you Hope.

    We are well...and 'summer-busy':)


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