Tuesday, July 5, 2011

No Such Thing

There's no such thing as too much love
Too many kisses, hugs or prayers
and it is impossible to have
One too many teddy-bears


Mom; Victoria, we NEED to get rid of some teddy-bears!
There are just too many!
Victoria: Mom, there's no such thing as too many teddy bears.

(Tonight she was complaining that it's too hot to sleep.
When I came up too see if this was true
I found her....covered in teddy bears:)


  1. Janet, this story must be repeated by so many parents. I remember pulling Teddy Bears away from my little Abby's (6 years old) face. She was perspiring so, but they were her friends and she wanted their nearness. Each night I take several of her stuffed friends and put them on the end of her bed. I believe she thinks somehow they traveled to her feet to keep them warm. Thank you for kind thoughts. August Thurmer

  2. Aren't kids THE BEST!!! The other night at three in the morning she got up to tell her dad to turn on a lamp or something because its the aphids setting off the smoke alarm...she was half-asleep with her arms loaded with teddy-bears...I simply said....I'm gonna miss this! She is ten...her siblings all teenagers:)
    Tonight she wailed 'I'm NEVER going to grow!!!" I smiled and reassured her that God knows I still need 'a little one'...Thank God for kids and teddy-bears!


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