Wednesday, July 13, 2011

My Master-piece

Oh, if I could paint with more
Than letters pressed in rows
I’d paint myself a master-piece
Of night-time as it flows
From high and hush-ed altitude
Creating shades so pure
Earth replies with robes subdued
In tones dark and demure

The life which clamors for my thought
In scattered shades of gray
Within this masterpiece are caught
And softly brushed away
As evening bleeds across the west
In red, metallic sheen
And little cares are put to rest
With all that once had been

High in the east the pale white moon
Hangs in a deep blue sea
While dashing zephyrs strum a tune
Through silhouetted tree
If I could paint with more than pen
My heart would over-flow
And the night would teach me then
Where dark and light should go

And I would take a large, soft brush
With colors of a sigh
And all the thoughts of you that rush
To gather in my eye
Gently infusing subtle hues
Across the quiet deep
I would entitle it My Muse
Before I fell asleep


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