Monday, July 4, 2011

The Treasure of You

On some days the missing of you
Quivers in shadows against the blue air
A toss-up between a smile and a sigh
Caught up in whispers I form in a prayer

On some days the missing of you
Is like a punch in the stomach, stealing my breath
Yet there is nothing that I can do
But let my thoughts wander the premise of the earth

On some days I collect love’s little pieces
And cling to them desperately
Convinced that if I release them
You would slip too far from me

But Time is a subtle surgeon and unwillingly
Though I fight back with memories and tears
I see it carving pieces of you from me
With the passage of days and months and years

On some days when the missing of you
Rolls over me like a wave on the sea
I let it all go in a deluge of tears
And savor the treasure life gave you and me


Yes Jane,
It is now months, but it feels like years!
Love and prayers:)

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