Friday, July 22, 2011

What Would Jesus Do?

Your dark eyes
Took me by surprise
I thought I didn’t have the time
To stop till I heard
You utter the words
Ma’am, could you spare a dime?

The slump of your shoulder
Made you look older
Than, possibly sixteen years
I looked at your face…
I could see the trace
Of forgotten tears

You didn’t ask for much
Not a hug, no touch
Just a second of my time…
A hungry girl
Alone in the world
And all you asked for was a dime…



  1. I know this post is a couple years old but I just landed on this true in many ways & beautifully written.

  2. Hi MM, thank-you for dropping by my porch today!


Thank-you for stopping by my porch! I hope you were blessed by the visit!