Monday, July 11, 2011

Tribute to the Daisy

You did not choose the well-groomed bed
Or steal the rose’s coat of red
But silently you bloom instead
In humbler haunts and hollows
Along secluded path and lane
In ditches, hollows, field and plain
Watered by sweet heaven’s rain
And warm, meandering shallows

The wanderer’s pathway you embrace
The lover’s lane you softly grace
Or lift a kind and gentle face
To those who seek life’s pardon
While rivals bloom in aureate gold
And flaunt their grandeur loud and bold
Your tender petals you unfold
In some lost drifter’s garden

No requirements, no demands
You do not prick unwary hands
But wander ‘cross the summer lands
In free and heedless passion
Simplicity in argent shower
Adorning garden, hill and bower
Poetry wrought in a flower
Of pure and perfect fashion


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