Saturday, July 16, 2011

New Day Now

It’s a new day now
Darkness is pushed from the edge of the sky
Rivers flow
Tinted from above with dawn’s bright eye
And hope
Fields, dark by night now stretch beyond
My gaze,in a sweeping golden pond
A haze, of mid-July thickens the air
I brush you from my eye, breathe a prayer
It’s a new day now…

It’s a new day now
The moon, a translucent wafer on a bed
Of softer blue
Recedes into vastness of infinity
With you
As duty raises her faithful head
She spreads her palm; lest I forget
And forge calm, greener paths somewhere
I cover you, sweet mine, with a prayer
It’s a new day now

It’s a new day now
Its splendor rivals for the beauty of night
In dawn sublime
But day is a constant reminder of life
And the march of time
Though I do not hold it against her much
There is something about night, day will never touch
For light dissolves the moody spell
Of night and you; all is well
It’s a new day now


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