Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Tethered…. it seems I am some days
To the land of toil and duty
When in my dreams I would fly away
Through the mist and rainbows and beauty
Where rolling blue hills are not fantasy
And the heart of this girl were wild and free
But I am a servant of soil and dust
And cannot succumb to my wanderlust…..

Tethered….. it seems I am to demands
That some day shall slumber as I
What good is the labor of these two hands?
Will I simply work then die?
Nay, I say nay, may it never be
For who will live my dreams for me?
Or fly on its fair translucent wing
Will it die in the field like a wasted thing?

Tethered….. Perhaps if I let myself be
I would become a sad slave
But what good is work? It is vanity
As it rests with me in my grave
If there’s nothing new under the sun
And all that I do has already been done
Then pray oh tell me, tell me why
Can I not spread my wings and fly?

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

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