Monday, June 7, 2010


Many have stirred the heart of this girl
Many have heard her laughter
Many a memory like priceless pearl
Hangs from the dim-lit rafter
Many have danced in retrospect
Across the brimming pages
As she fondly recollects
A thousand silent stages

Many have held her quavering hand
And softly urged her forward
While many others helped her stand
When life’s wind pushed her backward
And many have touched in some dear way
A mile upon her journey
Painting on her canvas grey
Another tender memory

Many a smile has graced her lips
And many a prayer has lifted
Beyond the blue moon as it dips
Beneath the shadows drifted
For many have touched the heart of this girl
But only you, my darling
Drew back the curtain to a world
Where I awoke, a woman

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

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