Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Wait a Minute...

Wait a minute, what’s your hurry
Tomorrows still a night away
In the morning all the glory
Of the moonlight turns to gray
Dance with me for just two hours
‘Neath a sea of silver-blue
In a land of slumbering flowers
On a moon-lit avenue

Wait a minute, do you hear it
The slow murmur in the air
Like a warm, enchanted spirit
Hovering softly everywhere
Mingling with the half-breathed sighing
Of two hearts beating as one
In the midnight slowly dying
Or the hours before dawn

Wait a minute, before daylight
Steals away this rapturous bliss
I prefer the moody midnight
To the sunshine’s noonday kiss
Wait a minute, wait an hour
Wait a lifetime here with me
While we dance among the flowers
‘Neath a rippling moon-lit sea

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

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