Saturday, May 15, 2010

New Love

He cradles her softly in the palm of his hand
And gazes into her face
Quick and willing to heed her demand
He keeps her in his ready embrace
Softly, so softly she sings in his ear
Ready is his reply
Oh how I love you my darling my dear
The apple of my eye
Proudly he shows her to all of his friends
In envy they gaze at her form
A true thing of wonder, she’s a mysterious blend
Of talent and beauty and charm
He brushes his lips against her voice
And smiles at her various tones
He’ll never trade her if given a choice
Without her he is truly alone
Like a friend in his pocket or a sigh in his ear
He cherishes this love so new
Oh how I love you, my darling my dear
Blackberry!!! HOW I LOVE YOU!!!!!

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

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