Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Sacred Summons To Today

It may look like simply swing pushing/riding
(and we are all so excited and delighted to have a new playset
after the old one blew away!)

Why did it blow away?!
Big storm and no anchors.
(that's a poem/parable for another post)😅

Swing pushing by Janet would simply be years and years, 
and thousands upon thousands
of fleeting swing-pushes but for one thing....

Prayer takes the mundane and makes it sacred!
Prayer reaches far beyond the present push!
Each and every child, as they are pushed are prayed for
as well as their parents!
I pray for strength, grace and wisdom
 in parenting and marriages
that they/we may be faithful through thick and thin
one day at a time, by God's grace!
(because marriage and parenting is love's
most beautiful Hard!)

The first tot in my childcare
is renting a house this summer and our son 
is living in it as well.
One young man (who has since moved to Nova Scotia) is getting married.
One is getting his G1 shortly...
...and all of them are growing up/grew up so fast!!

This is the day the Lord has made.
Let us rejoice and be glad in it!
Psalm 118:24

God bless and guide you in today's push and pull
whatever/wherever that may be...

The night’s dark veil is rent
And to the land and sea
Returns the sacred fundament
Of opportunity

Slumber grants its reward
Of ambition renewed
Come then and let us serve the Lord
With praise and gratitude

He loves us oh, so dear
And draws dawn’s door ajar
Where no one knows how far or near
To Seeing Him we are

Therefore, none can afford
To cast a careless eye
Where His kind mercy has restored
Dawn’s lantern to the sky

Before its colors fade
Before ‘has’ turns to ‘had’
Behold the day the Lord has made
To rejoice and be glad

In the vineyard of grace
How sweet is His employ
Because no matter what we face
The fruit of grace is joy

Then, though life’s thorns may prick
Where oft we weep and groan
The Hand that lights the morning wick
Cradles each stepping stone

…and fits us for the task
He tenders to today
Forbid that we neglect to ask
Him for help to obey

A sacred summons spills
Across the land and sea
Grace reverberates and refills
Day's opportunity 

© Janet Martin

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