Monday, May 16, 2022

Earth's Exhibition of Glimpses...

Hate, war, sickness, sorrow,
greed, pain, apathy,
hearts hardened against God,
could destroy all hope of  present joy
but for the hope of the home of the soul
and the greatness of He within we who believe
so much greater than he that is in the world!

We cherish each gift of present joy
(like a foreshadowing of eternal joy)
 to balance love's ever-present sorrow)

My daughter just sent me the above photo of big brother's
good morning kisses to baby brother.
(and I weep as I pray for the families afflicted by war)

Earth's beauty (be it babies, birds or blooms)
 without Heaven's hope is futile.

Birds continue to,
a very rare and special visitor, a bluebird/indigo bunting? 

...and goldfinch

...and our resident downy or hairy woodpecker (absent for a while)

we are still thrilling to see the orioles
(sometimes our place seems to just be a pitstop on their way)

and a mediocre shot of a rose-breasted grosbeak
who eats his supper each evening around the same time we do

Chipping sparrow...

Song Sparrow...

mourning doves...

We rejoice to receive a much-needed rain!

The beauty of the earth exhibits Heaven’s Majesty
The work and word of God is man’s Supreme Authority
Nothing exists but what His favor fashions and allows
Surely at the sheer thought of this our haughty boasting bows

…Faith looks toward a rich reward beyond kingdoms of dust
Bestowed by He who shed His crown and gave His life for us
And wove Redemption’s royal robes with love’s bloodstreams outpoured
Not from goats, rams and bullocks but from Jesus Christ our Lord

There is no common cure for hearts hardened against God’s grace
Against the loving kindness of Jesus who took our place
Though sinless, to become sin’s sacrifice once and for all
The King of kings shed His own blood; no common animal

Sweet consolation for life’s tribulation, who could find
Without the goodness of God who is faithful, just and kind
Without hearts softened as belief begets wonder and joy
Without His promises that no enemy can destroy

Each desperate heart-cry would be too much to bear, but for
Faith’s hope, after salvation opens eyes to so much more
Where earth’s beauty exhibits but a small glimpse of the whole
As we press on until we see the Saviour of the soul

...until we behold He who held us through the storm and strife
Until once and forevermore we pass through death to life
Until The One to whom we pray and pray and pray and pray
Unveils His face, where, by His grace, all tears are wiped away 

© Janet Martin

Let us, therefore, make every effort to enter that rest, 
so that no one will fall by following the same pattern of disobedience. 
13Nothing in all creation is hidden from God’s sight; 
everything is uncovered and exposed before the eyes of Him 
to whom we must give account.…



  1. I loved your bird sightings - they are such welcome guests to our springtime. Haven't heard any chipping sparrows here yet, I hope they are still heading northerly to our area. We had some white crowned sparrows come through and stay a while - they were a treat to see. I do love that line from Hebrews .. to make every effort to enter that rest. Wishing you His grace for the week ahead, Janet. xo

  2. Thank-you! I wish you God's grace as well! So much grace needed in our day-to-day interactions. Our white crowned sparrow visit was brief last week. I have not seen any for a few days, but I enjoy each visitor as it appears! both the colors and their calls<3


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